Arriving at Gut Warnberg


I am Callum Stegmann from Cape Town, South Africa. I go to Bishops, formally known as the Diocesan College. I got into exchange to come to Munich for 2 months. I am one of 35 boys who made it into exchange to travel around the world to experience a new culture. Luckily I came to Germany, but best of all Gut Warnberg.

I arrived in Munich on the 29th of September, and was welcomed by an awesome family. In my first week of school I was really nervous to meet new people. Although I was nervous I still made the most of it. The school was very welcoming of me and all the teachers greeted me. All the kids in class 8 were very kind and they spoke mostly English to me in the first week. During the weekend, my family kindly took me for an awesome hike. They introduced me to many new foods and treats. I now have a new favourite drink, Spezi. We don't get this in South Africa. In the second week I got to know everyone a bit more and felt more comfortable and started speaking a little bit of German. I wasn't amazing at it, but I still got to communicate with them. After my second week had past I felt at home. On the weekend we went to a beer garden and it was beautiful. We also went into town and I got to see all the shops. During the second week all the class mates were very kind to me. Week three came and I was getting a lot more involved with school and what they were doing. The teachers so far have been amazing and I feel so welcome here. I can't wait to spend the next 5 weeks with them. The food that they have also presented me with during Lunch has been amazing. I get along with all the kids in my class and with a few from the older classes.


Eucharistische Wunder und Suppenküche

Besuch der Heilig-Geist-Kirche


Bunte Mischung

Beeindruckende Gesellenstücke der Abschlusskünstler


Stadt-Collagen in Klasse 6

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Besuch von Bruder Lazarus

Darf man als Mönch zocken und ein Handy haben?


Zur Ruhe kommen

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Expedition in die Steinzeit

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Schulentwicklung für die Klassen 5 und 6


Klassenfahrt nach Kempten

Die 5. Klasse lernt sich kennen



'Was wir alleine nicht schaffen, das schaffen wir dann zusammen'


In See stechen und Teamarbeit an Bord

In See stechen und Teamarbeit an Bord

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