It has been a Pleasure ... Exchange report by Callum


I am Callum Stegmann, I am from South Africa and have come to Germany for a 2 month exchange, I have been here for 7 and a half weeks and so far I have no regrets. This has been, without a doubt, the best 2 months of my life. Whilst in Germany I have stayed in the 8th class a month and then I moved up to Class 9 for the last three weeks after the holidays. I have had a blast, and I know that from this experience there is so much that I have learned.

I have learned a new language, experienced a new culture and made new friends. For my first two weeks here it was getting used to things, and understanding how everything worked. The next 2 weeks were just so much fun. We had fun with all Wilm's friends and went places like waterparks and museums. I have also tried a whole lot of new foods which have been awesome. Whenever I have felt down during the days, there is always someone to cheer me up.

The next month was also fun and exciting, I moved into the 9th class which was awesome because everyone was either one or two years older than the class 8 students. I loved being able to speak to all the kids in German and feel much more comfortable with them after the relaxing holiday. We also saw some snow for a day or two, which was awesome because that's what I expected in Germany.

I think that if you would like your kid to come for an experience in Germany, Munich is the place to go. Especially Gut Warnberg Realschule. Because they have 24 kids in each class and everyone knows each other, regardless of age. I am very excited to get back to Cape Town, but leaving here is going to be very hard for me. I do hope to keep in contact with everyone that I have made friends with.

I have been treated really well at this school and well looked after by my host family. I have had an incident while being here. And it was an infected finger, but everything was quickly sorted out with my host family and the school understood.

I hope to come back here to study and see where everyone ends up after school.

Thanks for having me at Gut Warnberg Realschule. It has been a pleasure to stay in this beautiful city and amazing school. I now understand what cold feels like.

Callum Stegmann


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